Animal Allies: Karlie

Posted at: 12/20/2012 7:39 AM
Updated at: 12/20/2012 8:02 AM

Thursday's pet from Animal Allies had a festive feel to her. She was sporting some claws with holiday colors on them.

Anna Sjodin from Animal Allies stopped by with Karlie on Good Morning Northland Thursday. She said Karlie came in with to the Superior shelter as a stray, so not much is known about her. But Sjodin said that Karlie loves to sit on people's laps.

Karlie also had on soft paws. Sjodin said they are little nail caps that take away from the distraction of scratching claws. If you purchase the soft paws, Animal Allies will put them on for free.

During the holiday season, Animal Allies suggests not giving gifts as pets, but rather use one of their gift packages. Sjodin said the shelter wants the adopters to come Animal Allies in person.

They are offering their "Share the Holiday Love" promotion. If you adopt a pet, you get a coupon for a no-fee cat adoption.

For more information on Karlie or on other pets at Animal Allies, visit www.animalallies.net or like them on Facebook.