Duluth Schools Want to Talk

Posted at: 12/27/2012 4:23 PM
Updated at: 12/27/2012 5:18 PM
By: Travis Dill

The Duluth School District wants to hear your opinions, good or bad, in a conversation with the community on how to improve the schools.

What do you want Duluth Schools to be?

That is one of the questions the school district will ask at over 30 community meetings across the city next month.

“I hope everyone will take part in this important conversation and that by this spring our schools and our community will be united as we move forward into the future,” Superintendent Bill Gronseth said.

The plan, called Think Kids, already has the community talking. Leaders from the mayor's office, the chamber of commerce and other local organizations showed support for the plan on Thursday.

Gronseth said the community input will guide the district's future operations.

“Whether it be about finances, about curriculum, about programs I want the voices, and the values, and beliefs and guiding principles of the community to be part of those decisions,” Gronseth said.

He said the community has talked at length about the Red Plan and building the schools, but now he wants to talk about what goes on inside of them. Gronseth stressed that this initiative is not just for parents.

“We want business owners, neighbors, seniors everyone needs to be part of this decision because the schools belong to all of us,” Gronseth said. “They're our schools, it's our community and it's our future we're talking about.”

If you can't make a meeting the school district is happy to talk comments online, over the phone or even through the mail. For more information check out the school's website.