New Years in the Twin Ports

Posted at: 12/31/2012 5:47 PM
Updated at: 12/31/2012 6:11 PM
By: Travis Dill

New Year's Eve is a night for celebrating, and the Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra offered some epic entertainment.

The symphony's guest, William Close, was in town to play the unique harp he created 12 years ago. He calls it the Earth Harp.

“The strings go out over the audience and it actually attaches into the architecture turning the whole arena itself into the instrument. So tonight the audience is going to be sitting inside the instrument,” Close said.

And it take a special technique to play the enormous instrument.

“I wear gloves with violin rosin on them and run my hands along the strings. It's very similar to running your fingers on the edge of a glass,” Close said.

The event is taking place at the DECC, which is the biggest house the symphony has ever played. The show wrapped up at 9, just in time for the after party atop the Radisson.

“This will be really nice to create more of a nightlife, kind of more of a bottle service theme up in JJ Astor,” General Manager Lindsay Kolu.

She says the restaurant is the only one in the city celebrating the new year with magnum-sized bottles of champagne.

“And I think more restaurants need to create exciting atmospheres for people to want to have a destination spot,” Kolu said.

But the party's still casual.

“We don't have a dress code; just dress to impress,” Kolu said.