Mixed Feelings on the Mid-January Heatwave

Posted at: 01/10/2013 6:41 PM
Updated at: 01/10/2013 7:50 PM
By: Travis Dill

It got above 40 degrees in Duluth. Many Northlanders are thankful for the thaw, but others have businesses that depend on the cold and snow.

Scott Miller said he's got a case of spring fever.

“I live in Duluth. It's almost hypocritical to say it, but I can do without the cold and the snow. I like the warm stuff,” Miller said.

Many Northlanders stirred from their hibernation to enjoy the rare opportunity the thaw created.

But it is causing problems for Blake Cazier. He's the Program Director for Positive Energy Outdoors.

“Well our ice climbing so far this winter has been a little slow. We have less ice at some of the sites that we use for big groups or no ice at one site,” Cazier said.

He said that's not good for business.

“We have had to cancel a few of our larger group ice climbing introductions,” Cazier said.

Thankfully there is still enough snow for dog sledding.

“About 47 of our 58 Alaskan Huskies ran yesterday, and we helped introduce about 70 employees from Cirrus Aircraft to winter in Northern Minnesota,” Cazier said.

But he said the trails are rough and bumpy.

“We definitely need more snow,” Cazier said.

That's something the mushers of the Beargrease are hoping for too. Cazier said he didn't even sign up for the race this year.

Katie Fritz was visiting Duluth from the Twin Cities. She enjoyed the warmth, but is hoping to be back for the Beargrease.

“We're going to come back for the Beargrease dog sledding marathon. So I'm hoping there's snow by then,” Fritz said. “So for now I'm happy. Hopefully in two weeks it will be colder.”

There were mixed feelings about the warmth, but it won't last for long.