Police Impersonation in Superior

Posted at: 01/14/2013 1:09 PM
Updated at: 02/13/2013 12:55 PM

The Superior Police Department is investigating a report of a man impersonating a police officer.

In the early morning hours on Monday, the Superior Police Department received information of an incident that may have involved a person impersonating a police officer.

A citizen called the 911 center to inquire about a traffic stop they had just had near the Superior, WI Post Office.

No records for such a traffic stop could be located for the Superior Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, or the WI State Patrol.

The reporting party indicated the traffic stop occurred in the alley just to the East of the Post Office sometime near 1:00 AM.

It was reported that a white male, about 6”0” tall, mid 30’s, with a light mustache and beard, approached the reporting party’s vehicle while it was parked in the alley.

This male was wearing a Superior Police Department baseball cap, dark dress pants, and a navy blue t-shirt labeled “SPD”.

The male identified himself as “Officer Darg” and made contact with the reporting party and claimed he was stopping the vehicle because it was suspicious to be in the alley.

The reporting party did not see a police badge or firearm on this male.

The male was driving a blue car, similar to a Chevrolet Lumina that had flashing blue and red lights in the dashboard area.

The male then asked for the reporting party’s driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration. The reporting party cooperated and provided the requested information to the male.

The male proceeded to his vehicle and returned a short time later and claimed that the reporting party’s insurance was not up to date and then released the reporting party from the stop.

The Superior Police Department does not employ anyone named “Officer Darg” and has no records of any law enforcement officer making this traffic stop; therefore this traffic stop is considered to be an impersonating an officer incident and is currently being investigated.

The Superior Police Department would like to advise citizens that a majority of vehicle contacts are initiated by marked police cars. The department does utilize unmarked vehicles but in all cases official police department officers will be in a uniform displaying the badge or in plain clothes displaying a badge and have a firearm.

All legitimate officers would also present such credentials if not immediately visible or when asked.

If you suspect you have been stopped, or are being signaled to stop, by someone impersonating an officer you should immediately call “911” as the staff there can immediately determine if the traffic stop is legitimate.

Additionally, placing your hazard/flasher lights on, and slowly proceeding to the police department, or a well-lit public place, such as an open gas station would be reasonable.

Again, the best way to determine if it is a legitimate traffic stop is to immediately call “911”.

This is the first report in Superior however other reports of persons impersonating a police officer have recently occurred in the Northland so citizens are advised to be aware of this situation and follow the directions stated above if they are concerned on a traffic stop.