Animal Allies: Billy

Posted at: 01/17/2013 7:50 AM
Updated at: 01/17/2013 8:07 AM

Billy the Kid was a notorious outlaw in the Wild West. But Billy the cat from Animal Allies is much more playful than the old gunman.

Anna Sjodin from Animal Allies stopped by with Billy on Good Morning Northland Thursday. Billy came from another owner. Sjodin said Billy is the type of the cat that will come to the front of his kennel and look for his owner.

But thanks to a different story, Animal Allies has a special on microchips. Endo the dog was found in Superior last week as stray. He was brought in and scanned and they discovered his owners were in Florida.

Now, mention Endo or his story when scheduling a microchip appointment, Animal Allies will take $5 off. That is either at the Duluth or Superior shelter.

For more information on Billy the cat or about microchips, visit www.animalallies.net or like them on Facebook.