Today's Hot Trailer: Emperor Starring Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox

Updated at: 01/17/2013 4:22 PM
By: Reelz Channel

"Bring me the emperor!"

Remember when Matthew Fox got creepily ripped for Alex Cross and Tommy Lee Jones was the only guy in the crowd who wasn't amused during a legitimately funny moment at the Golden Globes? Well, forget both of those moments because both actors are back in a movie that's cast the actors in a different light, with the exception that Jones is still grumpy.

In the upcoming political thriller Emperor, General Douglas MacArthur (Jones) finds himself temporarily the de facto ruler of Japan following the country's surrender at the end of World War II. MacArthur chooses General Bonner Fellers (Fox), an expert on Japanese culture, to uncover whether Japan's Emperor Hirohito had anything to do with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Further complicating Fox's investigation is his search for his lost love, a Japanese exchange student he had met years before in the U.S., though the movie's first trailer is solely focused on Fox's struggle to uncover the truth.

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