Superior Firearms Supporters 'Packing Heat' to Make Point

Posted at: 01/17/2013 10:50 PM
Updated at: 01/17/2013 10:53 PM
By: Dayna Landgrebe

The debate on gun control is building in the Northland. On Thursday, demonstrators in Superior were showing support for firearms with firearms.

A small crowd turned out in front of the Douglas County Court house with at least one person openly carrying a gun.

Supporters were called to come out and show their weapons in solidarity for the second amendment.

Organizer Kevin Wehmeyer said people need to stand up for constitutional rights.

"I fight for any right that I feel like is trying to be taken away slowly," Wehmeyer said. "One person came by seeing the sign, and thinking about it [said], 'You're right.' We need to actually stand up and fight for it. That's all I want is to open one person's mind to it."

That person who stopped was Christopher Owen. Owen said he was actually on his way to try and listen to Governor Scott Walker speak, who was in Superior to talk jobs and potential mining projects.

But Owen said he saw the signs, he agreed, and decided to stay for awhile.

"We are most proud and safe. I have a conceal carry permit. I haven't had a need to carry it yet, but as figure if the bad guys think there's a lot of us out there, they won't try things," Owen said.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced 23 new executive actions to curb gun violence.

At least one supporter for Obama's legislation was in attendance for the Superior's rally on Thursday.