People Celebrate MLK and President Obama in Duluth

Posted at: 01/21/2013 5:27 PM
Updated at: 01/21/2013 10:30 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

With President Barack Obama's ceremonial inauguration taking place Monday, people in Duluth gathered to celebrate both the president's second term and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The celebration started downtown with a march on Lake Avenue. About 50 people were singing and carrying signs commemorating Dr. King. They were also raising awareness about racism.

"I just think it's important for people to know that racism is a problem," Miguel Rodriguez said.

Supporters opted to take the skywalk about halfway through the march which ended at the DECC. There, in the auditorium, folks watched news coverage of President Obama's inauguration.

"I was watching it on TV that he was sworn in to office, and I was like 'yes'!" Rodriguez said. "He is my favorite president."

MLK Planning Committee Co-Chair Claudie Washington said King would be proud that an African-American man was sworn in for a second time as President.

"I know Dr. King had that as part of his vision," Washington said. "Where people were judged by their character instead of the color of their skin."

A supporter at the event, Larry Weber from Carlton County, said he was an activist in the 1960's, and saw King speak several times.

"The way he could control the crowd; you hung on every word," Weber said. "He was just amazing that way."

This rally was the big event after a long weekend of MLK celebrations in Duluth.

The final gathering will take place at the Duluth Labor Temple. There people can watch the movie "At The River I Stand" at 6 p.m.