Duluth Couple Shares Passion for Model Villages

Posted at: 01/21/2013 11:12 PM
Updated at: 01/22/2013 10:23 PM

The Christmas holidays have come and gone, but for one Duluth couple, showing off their latest collection of display Christmas villages is enough to last through the season and beyond.

David and Linda Spears call it their "city planning". Work starts in the fall and takes about two months to get their massive holiday display in order. But once it comes together, dozens of miniature and to-scale creations cover their Duluth home.

"It's a hobby that we do together, and that's a real nice thing to do. And when we get it done, we want to share," David Spears said.

On Sunday, the Spears opened up their home in true holiday fashion for an open house event to show off their collection. Friends, family and neighbors in Kenwood and beyond stopped by to take in Linda's baking and the more than 190 model homes that dot the house.

The couple said they unpack the creations every year, often times with new, hand-made additions and changes.

Spears said he started collecting in 1994, the year he and Linda got married. He said their collection has grown quite a bit since then.

"It's a lot of work, but it's worth every minute," he said.

The couple usually keeps their display up until about March.