Today's Hot Trailer: Gerard Butler Saves the President in Olympus Has Fallen

Updated at: 01/23/2013 8:45 AM
By: Reelz Channel

"With all due respect, I'm the best hope you've got."

When Hollywood trips on to a new conceit for a movie, there's usually a second, similar production also in the works (and, potentially a "mockbuster" as well) Such is the case with upcoming action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen, whose "Die Hard in the White House" concept is shared with White House Down. Both movies center on a Secret Service agent who must save the President after a terrorist group has taken over the White House, and both competed to complete their casting — Olympus Has Fallen has Gerard Butler in the lead role, White House Down has Channing Tatum — and get their respective movies into production.

While it's too early to tell which movie will win the war of the box office, Olympus Has Fallen has the earlier release date and, therefore, the first trailer, which has just arrived online. The big twist? Butler plays a former Presidential guard who was let go but becomes the only person who can save the President once he is kidnapped.

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