NRRI Adjusts Mineral Leadership

Posted at: 01/24/2013 6:18 PM

Duluth, Minn. -- Anticipating the changing dynamics of the minerals industry, the Natural Resources Research Institute has restructured its Minerals Division to better meet future research needs.

George Hudak, has been named director of the Minerals Division, overseeing both the Minerals Laboratory in Coleraine, Minn., and the Duluth Minerals Group. He will guide the overall strategic plan for the Division. Hudak has been Senior Research Associate at NRRI since 2009 and holds a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Minnesota.

Richard Kiesel has been named director of NRRI’s Coleraine Minerals Research Lab. He will take on the personnel and project management of this world-class research facility. Kiesel has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He has been at NRRI since 2001, most recently leading the high temperature processing program at the Minerals Lab.

David Hendrickson will fill a new position, director of Strategic Developments, at the lab in Coleraine. This position will manage multiple development opportunities that have arisen as the non-ferrous and ferrous industries are established or expanded, and coordinate vital environmental research. Hendrickson has a long career in the taconite mining industry, directing the research at the Coleraine Lab since 2001.

The mission of the Natural Resources Research Institute at the University of Minnesota Duluth is to foster the economic development of Minnesota’s natural resources in an environmentally sound manner to promote private sector employment.