Local Band Prepares to Make New Album

Posted at: 01/25/2013 8:15 AM
Updated at: 01/25/2013 9:06 AM
By: Scott Doane

The first time Ariane Norrgard and Gaelynn Lea met through a friend, they decided they wanted to start playing music together.

Now they are part of the local band Snobarn. Norrgard and Lea stopped by Good Morning Northland Friday to play a song and talk about an album they are trying to make.

So far, the band has raised more than $3,500 using a website called Kickstarter, where people post their project ideas raise money to complete that project.

Lea said they are looking to reach $5,000 so they can cover the costs of making an album. She also said they played 12 shows in the last 60 days to get the word out.

Snobarn's next show is Saturday at Beaner's Central in Duluth at 8 p.m.

To donate to their Kickstarter click here.