Laase Improves to 10-1

Posted at: 01/26/2013 5:52 PM
Updated at: 01/26/2013 8:14 PM
By: Dan Williamson

Duluth, Minn - The dream hasn't changed for professional boxer R.J. Laase from Duluth. He expects that someday, he will be a World Champion.

"I don't care it I have to go through a 12-round battle with both eyes cut, nose broke and spitting blood out of my mouth. I want a belt around my waste and I will do whatever I can to do it," says Laase.

Laase is now 10-1 after a majority decision win on Friday Night at Grand Casino in Hinckley over the previously unbeaten Justin Jones (5-1) in an eight round epic.

"We both came to win and it is one where it puts you in position where people that are skeptical....you made a believer. I dug deep and gutted it out in an eight round war with somebody who didn't want his oh to go," says Laase.

Before T-Rex hugged his mom, he went toe-to-toe in a back and forth battle with Jones where each tested the others speed, strength and stamina. No knockdowns, but some close calls. One of the three judges scored the bout even (76-76) while the other two judges ruled in favor of Laase. (78-74)

"I had him hurt a handful of times throughout the bout. Those were big shots and he was taking them and you could tell his determination not to lose. He had so much heart and so much determination to keep his undefeated record and I think that was the string that was holding him up," says Laase.

The layoff doesn't look to be long for Laase, he plans to return to the ring in March.

"I want nothing but hard fights from here on out and I believe that is truly how you build yourself up to that national caliber level," says Laase.