Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers

Posted at: 01/28/2013 10:17 PM
Updated at: 12/10/2013 4:08 PM
By: Laura Kennedy

Duluth Marshall has battled through its fair share of adversity this season.

"We've just had a plethora of injuries this year, combined with our most difficult schedule I think our team has ever played," said Brendan Flaherty, Duluth Marshall head coach.

Because of those injuries, senior captain Connor Flaherty says the Hilltoppers have to make line adjustments almost daily.

"It's a surprise every day you come to the rink. It seems like someone is always getting hurt," Flaherty said. "But I think our team is deep enough that we can replace players and still get good results."

Fellow captain Kris McKinzie has noticed extra effort from the new guys.

"I think our young kids have really stepped it up and matured throughout the season," McKinzie said. "The bounce of the puck hasn't really gone our way, but it's coming."

To make a good playoff run, Flaherty says being injury free is critical.

"If we could stay healthy that would be big, if we could get some of our players back that are injured now," Flaherty said. "We're coming into a part of our schedule where we feel we could start having some success now."

But first, the Toppers want to finish the regular season strong. And that means taking it one opponent at a time.

"It's kind of hard not to look ahead, but our coaches emphasize looking at it game by game," Connor Flaherty said. "We gotta focus on the here and now, that's what successful teams do."

And a little bit of puck luck couldn't hurt either.