UWS Talks Gun Violence

Posted at: 01/31/2013 6:56 PM
By: Travis Dill

Safety in public place is being discussed nationwide after recent gun violence. UWS told students and staff how to react in an emergency on Thursday.

The University of Wisconsin Superior is being proactive in their response to campus safety. We asked Director of Public Safety Gary Gulbrandson why.

“I don't think that really requires an answer. Just based on what's been happening other places we want our people to be prepared,” Gulbrandson said.

The safety discussion on Thursday came in response to the Sandy Hook shooting and other gun violence around the country. It drew about 100 students and staff whom had a long list of questions.

Those questions caused the conversation to get tense at some points, but Gulbrandson says preparing the students and staff to react in an emergency is crucial.

“Especially in an active shooter situation, things begin to unfold very quickly. Before any type of warning can be given out a person needs to take some type of action almost immediately to protect themselves,” Gulbrandson said.

Superior Police reinforced that philosophy. Sergeant Kirchoff leads the department's tactical response team. He said three steps will help during a shooting.

“Run. If you can't run you hide, and if absolutely have to the last thing you should do is fight for your safety,” Kirchoff said.

Police and school officials said they hope the situation never arises, but they said being prepared could save your life.

UWS will take this a step farther in coming weeks with scheduled safety drills. Administrators said that will let them know what worked and what still needs to be improved around campus.