Group Works to Spread Word about Plastic Bags

Posted at: 02/01/2013 1:28 PM
Updated at: 02/01/2013 5:08 PM

Paper or plastic? Which do you choose? Do you ever bring your own bag to put your groceries in? Have you ever wondered what happens to all the plastic bags being used?

A group of community members in Duluth, called "Bag It! Duluth" are doing research to find ways for Duluth residents to cut down on the use of the one-time use plastic bags.

The group hosted a free movie at Teatro Zuccone on Thursday night. The movie follows the journey of a man who investigates the lifecycle of a bag.

"Bag It! Duluth" member Cara Lindberg says the hope of this event is to get the issue on peoples radar.

"It's not that people try to do it, but when they put them [plastic bags] in waste receptacles, they float away," Lindberg said. "They end up in our trees, and in our streams, which end up in Lake Superior. And those bags never really break down."

If you would like to join the local conversation about one-time bag use, visit the Bag It! Duluth blog.