Calling Geeks & Gamers: Money Raised to Bring Convention to DECC

Posted at: 02/05/2013 9:01 PM
Updated at: 02/06/2013 2:52 PM
By: Travis Dill

The DECC has never hosted a gaming convention, but die-hard fans and local shops made it possible by pledging money online.

Rolling a 20-sided die might not be your thing, but it is a big deal for those supporting Berserkon, a gaming convention being held at the DECC this spring.

Organizer Kevin Mickelson summed up the experience.

“A gaming convention is a place where people who are fans of board games, card games, role-playing games and video games come together for usually a weekend or so. They share their hobbies and hopefully introduce new people,” Mickelson said.

Game designers and vendors will be at the convention too. Mickelson needed about $10,000 to make it a reality. He said the community surrounding three local game shops made it easy.

“All three of them will be just crammed full of people. It's a lot of fun and the atmosphere is really really good,” Mickelson said.

Those fans and local shops pledged money online, and Mickelson said word has already spread across the country.

“We got some people from Oregon. We got some people from Missouri. Two of our sponsors are based in Minneapolis and St. Paul,” Mickelson said.

He expects over 500 people at the gaming and geek convention this May. The crowd sourcing endeavor is only guaranteed to happen once, but Mickelson wants it to become a fixture at the DECC.

“I hope that it's just going to take off like a rocket and this will become a local institution for years and years to come,” Mickelson said.

A role-playing crowd will swarm Canal Park this spring, and they'll be armed with cards and dice.

The event met the primary fundraising goal, but organizers said more pledges mean more action for the convention. Fans looking to pledge support or find more information can click here.