Northland Orchestra Students Compete at Duluth East

Posted at: 02/06/2013 6:23 PM
Updated at: 02/06/2013 10:51 PM
By: Alan Hoglund

For musicians, the performance is the payoff after hours and hours of practice. But for high school students in the Northland Wednesday, competition was part of the mix.

All day at the Duluth East High School, orchestra students competed in the 7AA Large Group Instrumental Contest. Assistant Coordinator Garrett Bock told Eyewitness News that students traveled from Hibbing, Grand Rapids and Hermantown to compete, hoping for a "superior" ranking from the judges.

Bock said ninth and tenth grade students compete against each other, and the same goes for the older kids.

"It's just a great way for people to show off their hard work and determination and a great way to boost the musical arts in the Northland," Bock said, ahead of one of the performances Wednesday morning.

Bock said students participating worked on their performance pieces for between one and two months.