What Wine Goes Best With Chocolate?

Posted at: 02/08/2013 8:08 AM
Updated at: 02/18/2013 1:02 PM
By: Scott Doane

Many couples give each other chocolates for Valentine's Day. But there is something that can pair perfectly with that gift, the right bottle of wine.

Licensed wine expert David Devere stopped by Good Morning Northland Friday to talk about what wine goes best with that Valentine's Day gift.

Sparking wine or champagne is one to avoid on Valentine's Day, Devere said. These bubbly drinks, Devere said, work better with salty foods. So avoid pairing these on a romantic date this Valentine's Day.

Devere suggested pairing chocolate with a big, fruity red wine. Ports are sweeter and have brandy added to them, Devere said. The brandy kills some of the yeast and makes it sweeter.

Devere's Valentine's Day chocolate and wine class is booked. But his class on sherries and fortified wines is still open.

That class is on February 21 at the Chester Creek Cafe in Duluth. To sign up, call (218) 724-6811, or email Kirk Bratrud at kirk.bratrud@astccc.net.

Learn more about David Devere and other upcoming classes he is teaching at his website www.savvynomad.com.