Officer Off Force Amidst Teen Sex Case

Posted at: 02/08/2013 10:47 PM
Updated at: 02/08/2013 11:04 PM

ANOKA, Minn. (AP) - A Minneapolis police officer accused of using the Internet to prey on at least four girls, is no longer on the force.

A police spokesman is not saying whether Bradley James Schnickel was fired or resigned. Schnickel was a five-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department. He was arrested this week.

According to the criminal complaint, the 32-year-old Schnickel allegedly told one 14-year-old that he "likes girls your age."

The complaint says Schnickel also plied a 13-year-old girl with vodka last year and had sex with her in his car. The complaint says Schnickel told another girl through Facebook chats he was 23 years old.

KARE-TV reports Schnickel made $250,000 bail and was released from jail Friday.

Schnickel's atorney did not immediately return a phone message or email seeking comment.

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