Northern Rescue Squad Expected To Inherit A Home

Posted at: 02/10/2013 7:39 PM
Updated at: 02/10/2013 10:34 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

Rescue Squad volunteers in northern Saint Louis County will soon have a place to call home. This means better response times and a centrally-located place to store equipment.

The Saint Louis County Board is expected to approve a resolution Tuesday moving county vehicles up north to downtown Virginia. The motor pool is currently several miles outside of town.

This change will open up the current facility for the Rescue Squad's northern division.

"What it means, not only do we gain the efficiency of moving that motor pool building downtown, but we also find a permanent home for our north Rescue Squad," County Commissioner Keith Nelson said.

Currently, equipment is being stored in several different places making organization difficult.

"Right now, our equipment is being stored basically in our backyards and in our garages," Rescue Squad First Lieutenant Kurt Erickson said. "(The new facility) is going to mean better response, maintaining equipment in better condition."

The county's decision to reuse the motor pool building will also save tax payer dollars. Nelson said renovating the current motor pool outside Virginia will cost about $500,000, but a brand-new facility would have cost double.

Together, the motor pool in downtown Virginia and renovations for the Rescue Squad facility will cost $2 million. Nelson said the Rescue Squad should be moved in by October 2013.

The Saint Louis County Rescue Squad is made up of about 65 volunteers. The northern division averages about 20 volunteers.

This group works almost completely off donations. If you would like to help out, learn how to donate by clicking here.