Kids Hit the Slopes as Schools Close

Posted at: 02/11/2013 4:38 PM
Updated at: 02/11/2013 6:14 PM

The snow stopped on Sunday, but parents delt with the aftermath on Monday as school was out for some Northland students.

Parents in Duluth and Superior had some extra help shoveling Monday morning. Public schools in both cities closed for the day, and students seized the opportunity to enjoy the fresh snowfall.

But the closures can put parents in a bind. The executive director of Chester Bowl made sure the skill hill came to the rescue on Monday.

“I realize that a lot of parents work and they need something for their children to do on days like this. So we offer a good, fun, safe place for kids to come,” Thom Storm said.

He said the hill usually opens at 4 p.m., but Storm worked hard to get it open early because of the closures.

“It all worked out and the snow's passed, the hill's in fabulous condition, and I expect we're going to get a big turnout of kids,” Storm said.

Most Northland schools were delayed two hours, but the snowfall closed Duluth and Superior public schools.

City crews worked through Sunday night to clear main roads, but side streets were another story.

Administrators said poor conditions on side streets and country roads made it unsafe for buses and students commuting to school.

Parent Kristin Blomquist said it was tough to get out of her driveway, but she still made it to Chester Bowl.

“My road is completely blocked in on both entrances, and I have an all wheel drive vehicle so I made it out fine. But otherwise I would have been stuck. If I had a car I would have been stuck,” Blomquist said.

She said the school closure could have been a disaster.

“With five kids at home snow days mean more work. This is a blast so as long as the ski hill's open we love snow days,” Blomquist said.

The snow may have stopped the buses, but the kids couldn't wait to carve it up.

Storm expected to have over 100 kids at Chester Bowl on Monday.

Proctor and Hermantown schools were only delayed two hours on Monday.