Sunday's Storm Brings Good Surf to Lake Superior

Posted at: 02/11/2013 7:32 PM
Updated at: 02/11/2013 7:36 PM

Winter storms usually mean plowing and slippery roads, but every once in awhile, they also bring surfers to Stoney Point on Lake Superior.

"There's no ice floating around so it's all good," Luke Kavajecz said. "We're going to hit the waves for a little bit. We got a nice swell today left over from the storm yesterday."

Kavajecz lives in Knife River so he can be close to this popular surfing spot. He said the waves Monday were about 4 feet high, which is pretty good surf conditions.

"Right now, my toes are really cold," surfer John Hatcher said. "That's the first thing to get cold."

About ten guys were in the lineup Monday morning, including long-time surfer Bob Tema.

"When I started about fifteen years ago, it was me and one other buddy," Tema said.

Tema is from Hawaii, and this island boy traded in the Pacific for Lake Superior.

"I have as much fun surfing here," Tema said. "As much I did in Hawaii."

Unlike the ocean, the waves on the lake aren't always guaranteed.

"You kind of check the forecast, drive up the shore and hope you're going to see some," Hatcher said.

When they spot them, they go for it making Duluth a hot surfing spot for people brave enough to hang ten.