House Moves to Extend Pay Freeze for Fed Workers

Posted at: 02/15/2013 11:01 AM
By: JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press


WASHINGTON (AP) - The House is voting on whether to extend the current pay freeze for the nation's 2 million civilian federal workers. They say that blocking a raise proposed by President Barack Obama for the last nine months of this year will save $11 billion and that well-compensated federal employees can afford it.

Democrats, and a few Republicans, say federal workers have already done more than their fair share in helping reduce the federal deficit and they are being singled out for punishment by anti-government lawmakers.

The House votes Friday on legislation that would block the 0.5 percent pay increase scheduled to go into effect at the end of March.

It's expected to pass the GOP-led House, but likely to receive a cold reception in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

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