Racey's Rescues

Posted at: 02/19/2013 11:54 PM
Updated at: 02/20/2013 11:04 PM
By: Laura Kennedy

A good dog sled team requires hard work, patience, and good communication from both sides.

Jim Lynch of Bayfield never imagined he would have canine companions.

"Ten years ago, I had nothing to do with dogs," Jim said.

But a few years ago, he and his partner, Sally, rescued a little lady named Racey. As time went on, five more dogs joined the pack. And they earn their keep.

"We've not only given these dogs homes, I like to say I've also given them a job," Jim said.

They are now the Racey's Rescues dogsled team. Jim runs them on trails around his house a couple of times a week.

"My family even is amazed I've gotten into this, and I am too," Jim said. "I never really planned it, it just happened."

These guys are disciplined sled dogs now, but they had to start with puppy steps.

"You just gotta do a little bit at a time," Jim said. "Start running them, getting them used to the harness and pulling something. Once you have a good dog that can lead, then the other ones just wanna follow him."

The team now runs up to 15 miles at a time, each of them happy to be together.

"I've done it all on the snow and this is really the most enjoyable thing when you're out on the trail," Jim said. "It's peaceful. It's like sailing in a way. You're just along for the ride."

Jim says the dogs look out for each other and have put their pasts behind them.

"They've been introduced to many dogs now, many people, children, they're all just wonderful," Jim said.

They came from different situations, and are all different breeds, but this pack finds a way to work together to become a team.

"I think any dog will do it. I found that with these guys," Jim said. "I think it's just a matter of making it fun for them."