Duluth Woman Working To Bring More Movies to Northland

Posted at: 02/24/2013 5:09 PM
Updated at: 02/24/2013 9:53 PM

On the film industry's biggest night, a Duluth-area, film promoter talks about bringing more movies to the area.

Riki McManus is the Upper Midwest Director for Minnesota Film and TV and she said the Northland makes a great setting for a movie.

"We don't tear everything done," McManus said. "We preserve a lot. So, we can do period pieces easier than most places."

She said Lake Superior and the Iron Range are big draws for filmmakers looking for natural scenery.

"It looks like a set that has already been dressed and ready to shoot," McManus said.

While the area has seen its share of Hollywood glam with blockbusters like North Country and Iron Will, McManus said Minnesota is missing out on some great opportunities. She said there is not a big enough tax break for filmmakers looking to spend money in Minnesota.

"There were a whole bunch of movies that should have been shot here in Minnesota, but we don't have the incentive to get them here," McManus said.

McManus said Minnesota needs to have a bigger tax credit or rebate in order to make the state desirable. She said other places offer better options for filmmakers, and Minnesota is losing money because of that.

A group is lobbying down at the Capitol for legislation that would change the incentive. She hoped a bill will be presented this legislative session with some changes.