Pothole Season Starts in Duluth

Posted at: 02/26/2013 6:46 PM
Updated at: 02/26/2013 6:48 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

Warm weather has the Northland talking potholes and each year they cause headaches for drivers, especially in the City of Duluth.

Each year, potholes are a sure sign of Spring in Duluth.

"It's part of living in Duluth," said Todd Pearson of Duluth. "The freeze and thaw and the hills, it just makes a mess of things."

This year is no different. Don Kuznia, Duluth, said potholes pop-up every year, no matter the size, and drivers just have to make sure they try to dodge the big ones.

"The salt melts the snow, the snow turns to water, it goes in the cracks, it re-freezes and pops the blacktop up...Pothole!" said Kuznia.

Mayor Don Ness said he knows the headaches potholes cause. He even posted on his Facebook Monday and said during the "February thaw" his name is often used in frustration.

Auto shops, such as 4th Street Auto Repair, said pothole seaseon always brings in more repairs.

"It will definitely increase our business," said owner, Gary Lofald. "We get a lot of phone calls here and people, unfortunately, are a little disgusted."

4th Street Auto Repair has received 20 calls so far this pothole season for repairs. The city said this winter offered the worst possible mixture for potholes. Rain in December and extreme temperatures could mean drivers may see more potholes than usual.

"Everybody wants them all filled all at once but we simply can't fill all the potholes exactly when everybody wants to, but we do the best we can," said Kelly Fleissner, Maintenance Operations Manager for the City of Duluth.