Army Chief of Staff Decries Budget Uncertainty

Posted at: 03/01/2013 10:05 AM


WASHINGTON (AP) - The Army chief of staff says the protracted fight over the budget is having a severe impact on Army training.

Gen. Ray Odierno says the Army is experiencing an $18 billion shortfall.

He tells "CBS This Morning" that finding the necessary money isn't as easy as critics suggest, saying "the money is fenced in" as part of a stopgap spending bill. He says, "What I'm trying to tell people is that we are not training for the rest of the year, except those in Afghanistan."

The general was interviewed ahead of a meeting at the White House today between President Barack Obama and the Democratic and Republican congressional leadership.

Odierno says the Pentagon needs a set budget - not the so-called "continuing resolution"- to "protect our soldiers."

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