Radisson Will Reopen in May

Posted at: 03/20/2013 3:39 PM
Updated at: 03/20/2013 11:10 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

The Radisson Hotel in downtown Duluth is set to reopen May 1 after a water line break closed it down.

General Manager Jeff Briner said flooding in the basement last week shut down power in the hotel. As of Wednesday, the building was still without electricity.

"We're thinking positive, but we don't want to open until everything is going to be safe and secure for our customers and our employees," Briner said.

While Briner said it's an unfortunate situation, he's thankful for help from other area hotels and businesses.

Briner said the Holiday Inn is lending office space for the Radisson sales team. The Holiday Inn is also employing several Radisson employees temporarily.

"Everybody has been very helpful," Briner said. "It's been very nice to work with the community here, not only the hotel community, but the business community."

A music festival, set to be at the Radisson this weekend, has also been moved to the Inn on Lake Superior in Canal Park. The Cabin Fever Music Festival, put on by Minnesota Bluegrass, has been at the Radisson ever since the concert first came to Duluth.

"Our committee of volunteers had a meeting last night to finish up some last minute changes," Minnesota Bluegrass Executive Director Jed Malischke said. "We think we have things pretty well figured out. We'll be ready to go on Friday."

Inn On Lake Superior General Manager Nikki Anderson said she was happy her hotel could help host the festival.  

"We wouldn't want this to happen to anybody in our community," Anderson said. "It's a terrible situation that they are going through right now."

Guests with reservations at the Radisson in the coming weeks are being contacted about the problem, and are being relocated to other area hotels.