Bobcat Rescued Near Two Harbors

Posted at: 03/25/2013 4:53 PM
Updated at: 03/25/2013 8:41 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

A sick bobcat, found north of Two Harbors, is now being treated at a wildlife rehabilitation center in central Minnesota.

Linda Nervick found the animal walking along a highway Sunday. She was able to approach the animal, which is not a good sign.

"I walked with this wonderful creature for about 45 minutes," Nervick said. "He did not walk away...something was wrong."

Nervick said the limping cat was skinny, and when she noticed the cat's behavior she called Wildwoods Rehabilitation in Duluth.

"It was moving quite slow," Nancy Wolfe, President of the Wildwoods Rehabilitation Board, said. "It appeared to be lame. Those are all indications that something is not right."

Wolfe and her team rescued the animal Sunday. The bobcat was eventually taken to another rehab center in central Minnesota, where a veterinarian there said the cat will most likely die.

"We never know whether we are going to have a happy ending or a sad ending on these things," Wolfe said. "It depends how far along the animal is."

The vet said the bobcat only weighs about 12 pounds. A normal, thin cat should weigh closer to 25 pounds. The vet is still working to find out why the cat is sick.

While the bobcat's future may look dim, Nervick is remaining positive.

"I hope he makes it," Nervick said. "I would love, absolutely love to see it released."

If you see an unhealthy animal out in the wild, Wildwoods Rehabilitation wants you to report it. Click here to visit their Web site.


(Photo Courtesy of Linda Nervick)