Woman Accused of Setting Fire to Ex-Husband's Home

Posted at: 04/05/2013 12:32 PM
Updated at: 04/05/2013 6:34 PM
By: Travis Dill

Amy Pionk and Michael Thompson

A woman and her boyfriend face felony charges for allegedly setting fire to her ex-husband's home in Superior.

The couple allegedly used three Molotov Cocktails to start the fire in the home's basement, and police said it all stems from a child custody dispute.

Amy Marie Pionk and her boyfriend Michael Thompson face felony charges for allegedly starting the fire last Friday.

The home belongs to Josh Pionk and the basement fire did $20,000 in damages. No one was home when the fire broke out, but firefighters narrowly rescued a dog from the basement.

On Easter Sunday Josh Pionk said he was thankful no one was injured.

“It happened on Good Friday it wasn't the best Friday, but it was a blessing to have everybody safe over the weekend and you know it turned out to be a good Easter,” Pionk said.

Police said Amy Pionk admitted to driving her boyfriend to the house so he could throw three Molotov Cocktails. Police said Thompson allegedly lit beer bottles full of gasoline before throwing them in a basement window.

Thompson is charged with arson and possession of Molotov Cocktails, and Pionk is charged with being a party to those crimes. Police said under Wisconsin law she faces penalties as if she threw the cocktails herself.

Police said the incident happened after Pionk caused a disturbance at the home earlier in the evening because of a child custody dispute.

Police said Pionk's ex-husband was recently awarded full-custody of their children, and they said her goal was to cause damage to his home so she might regain custody of the kids.

Both Pionk and Thompson are scheduled to appear in court next week.