'Last Place' Owner Released, Again

Posted at: 04/08/2013 1:48 PM
Updated at: 04/08/2013 1:56 PM


Jim Carlson, owner of the "Last Place on Earth" store in downtown Duluth, has been released from custody for the second time in a week.

Carlson was released Monday following a hearing in federal court in Minneapolis.  He was first arrested on March 29 on drug charges filed in state court and released on April 2.  He was re-arrested April 3 for allegedly violating conditions of his release by having a shotgun in his store.

Carlson and three others were indicted by a federal grand jury on 54 alleged crimes last year.  The trial is set for September.

The store had been closed following Carlson's two arrests but reopened again last Friday.  Federal and local authorities accuse Carlson and others of selling illegal substances at the store, but Carlson has maintained that the products he sells are legal.

Neighboring businesses have long complained about the behavior of the store's clientele.  In January, a judge deemed the store a nuisance and ordered Carlson to pay for two police officers to be on duty outside the store when it is open.  Carlson's appeal of that decision remains pending.