Ships Backed Up On Lake Superior

Posted at: 04/13/2013 9:46 PM
Updated at: 04/13/2013 10:36 PM

This week's snowstorm not only made for slippery roads, but had a big impact on the shipping industry. Several ships were unable to get into the harbor will all the ice that was pushed in by winds.

Nine ships were backed up waiting to get into the harbor Saturday. The high winds from the latest storm pushed ice packs into the shipping lanes.

Adele Yorde with the Port Authority said it made for a nice view, but it's frustrating for crews on board.

"For the average person on the shoreline eating breakfast this morning, looking out and seeing 10 vessels at anchor made for great photographs and kind of a parade out there," Yorde said. "I'm sure in the pilots talking to one another, it was more like a traffic jam than a parade for them."

She said there is also a silver lining. The backup shows the port is busy early in the season. Yorde said that's a good sign for the Twin Ports.