No Whining: The Many Reasons Winter in April is Great!

Posted at: 04/22/2013 4:57 PM
Updated at: 04/23/2013 9:31 AM
By: Steve Goodspeed

Sure, it's not ideal right now--knee-deep snow, and shoveling in the middle of April. 

But we've got to look at the bigger picture.    

Think of allergy sufferers. Do you see any pollen around?  No itchy, watery eyes. No sneezing. Maybe a runny nose--but that's just because we've been sick all winter. 

And what about Northland golfers?  Nobody's three-putted yet.  No lost balls. In fact, most golfers are staring out the window--still under the illusion they'll be better this year.

Sure, the Masters just finished--with their green jacket, and all their green grass. But while we were stuck inside, I bet a lot of people got their taxes done just a little bit earlier. Facing piles of new snow--why not see if you could find that pesky W-2?

And what's outside anyway?  You think you did an okay job keeping up with the dog this winter, but you know what's waiting for you in the yard.  Enjoy the view while you can--under a lovely blanket of white.

And why rush it?  Your yard is dandelion free--not yet a neighborhood embarrassment. 

And when the snow is gone, you'll have to fire up the lawnmower--if it starts.  I bet this lingering winter has saved you a bundle on lawnmower repairs--that's money in your pocket! 

And do you really want to dive into those spring projects?  After all, you didn't get to them last spring. You had hoped to by the fall. Now, thanks to Mother Nature, you get to wait a few more weeks.  What's wrong with that? 

Savor this time. For those who traveled someplace warm this winter, I bet you're looking back on that time more and more fondly.  With every inch of new-fallen snow, you remember the sun being bigger and hotter. The beach stretching out in your mind forever. The crueler the spring--the gentler your vacation memories. 

So, is there any lesson here?  Yes. Enjoy this special gift. This rare chance for an extra few weeks of winter bliss! This magical time between seasons. 

Squeeze that shovel tight....you'll be stuck with a fishing pole soon enough.