Wisconsin Fishing Opener Preps

Posted at: 04/29/2013 7:24 PM
Updated at: 05/01/2013 11:05 PM
By: Laura Kennedy

As the sun comes out and the temperatures heat up, the ice has slowly but surely been melting away from Wisconsin lakes.

"As of a week ago, we were strongly considering turning this fishing opener into an ice fishing opener," said Kevin Harter, Wisconsin DNR Public Affairs Manager.

P.C. Rasmussen is the owner and general manager of Lakewoods Resort in Cable, the site of this year's governor's opener. The event will go on, there and throughout Wisconsin, but anglers may have to be flexible with their fishing spots.

"I don't anticipate the whole lake is gonna be open but we are making plans to take advantage of the many different landings we have on the lake, take advantage of the water that is gonna be open so we can get people out on the water and catching fish," Rasmussen said.

Parts of Lake Namekagon are still covered in ice, but there are plenty of spots where there is open water. And this late winter could mean great fishing for the opener.

"When the water is running into the lake in the melt, the crappie bite seems to pick up," said Scott Toshner, DNR fisheries biologist.

And for those hoping to land some walleye, Toshner says the timing could be just right.

"The spots where they congregate to spawn are those rocky, gravely shorelines," Toshner said. "Those will be open for the most part on opener, and soon after that we should see the lakes go out. So that should be a great opportunity for anglers also."

Harter says part of being a Wisconsin angler is expecting the unexpected on opening weekend.

"We've had days like this where you need sunglasses, sunblock and shorts and tshirts. Other openers we've had a downpour or people have to shovel off their boats before they go out," Harter said. "This year we'll probably have a mix of that."

Anglers who decide to venture out this weekend could be rewarded with some fish, and maybe, finally, some nice weather too.