New Studio Brings Ballroom Dance to Duluth

Posted at: 04/30/2013 5:17 PM
Updated at: 05/01/2013 7:36 AM
By: Maarja Anderson


Behind the only dance studio devoted to ballroom in the Twin Ports is Andrea Kuzel. She was a paralegal in the Twin Cities with her sights set on law school when she started dancing. Now a professional ballroom dancer, Kuzel has a passion for dance.

"Anybody can do it," said Kuzel. "I always say if you have the desire, you can do it."

With help from her dance partner, Darren Franco, she is opening the only ballroom dance studio in Duluth.

"At first we were going around town and renting spaces in other studios and now that this has come in fruition, it is very exciting," said Franco.

As a duo, they've brought the glitz and glam of 'Dancing with the Stars' to the Northland. Kuzel said the popular show has done wonders for the ballroom industry.

"It showed that anybody can do it, any age, any size," said Kuzel.

Kuzel and Franco will offer private lessons, group classes, and practice parties. They cover the spectrum of ballroom dance, including waltz, the salsa, the mamba, and the fox trot. Kuzel said the benefits of ballroom are hard to list because while it's a great workout, it can be great therapy, too.

"I have seen people lose weight from ballroom, we have seen relationships rekindled, we have seen relationships that were built from dancing together," Kuzel listed.

The Superior Ballroom Dance Studio opens Wednesday, May 1st. The studio is located at 208 W. Superior St in downtown Duluth.