Grant Predicts Big Things for the Vikings

Posted at: 05/01/2013 5:45 PM
Updated at: 05/02/2013 1:38 AM
By: Dan Williamson

Superior, Wisc. - He guided the Vikings for 18 seasons and though he hasn't coached them since his one-year return in 1985, Bud Grant has had his eyes on them ever since then.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer was in his hometown of Superior on Wednesday to be presented with his 'Hometown Hall of Famer' plaque during a special ceremony at Superior High School.

"A couple of good drafts in a row and a comparatively young team and they are a championship-caliber team now. They weren't two years ago, but they are now. The draft choices from last year turned out good and went to the Pro Bowl and if these three kids work as good as they have in the last few years, they have a good chance to be a contending team," says Grant.

Grant is a fan of current Head Coach Leslie Frazier. Fellow Superior native Doug Sutherland played Defensive Tackle for the Vikings (and Grant) and sees a few similarities between Grant and Frazier.

"He (Grant) didn't want highs and lows, just a high performance all the time. Not a lot of screaming and yelling, there is no rah-rah and it is everybody for the team," says Sutherland.

Grant still does public relations work for the Vikings and even has an office at Winter Park in Eden Prairie and like many, he likes the way Adrian Peterson plays.

"You can't do better than Adrian Peterson and it would be a miracle if he had as good a year next year as he did last year," says Grant.

Like many too, he still dreams of that elusive Super Bowl Title. Grant came close four times.

"They (Vikings) will have a chance with the people they have and my only recommendation is bet all you got on the Vikings," says Grant.