Roots of Rescue

Posted at: 05/03/2013 8:08 AM
By: Scott Doane

More than a year ago, former UMD students Dave Cowardin and Joe Olivieri were inspired by a college advisor to follow the problem of animal cruelty and animal rescues in Alabama. That journey is now a new documentary called, "Roots of Rescue."

The two stopped by Good Morning Northland Friday to talk about the new film. It premieres at the Teatro Zuccone on Sunday starting at 5 p.m. Another screening takes place at UMD's Life Sciences Building in room 175 at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7.

Olivieri said the rescuers they met while filming in Alabama really opened up to them. They had great stories that needed to be told.

While on the trip, Olivieri became a rescuer himself. He brought along a dog he and Cowardin found while filming named Charmin. Cowardin said she was found underneath a home in a trailer park. Olivieri eventually ended up taking the dog in.

Tickets are $15 for the Teatro Zuccone showing. The screening at UMD is free.

For more information on the film, visit www.rootsofrescue.com