History Chugging into Town

Posted at: 05/12/2013 10:56 PM

Two very unique trains came together Sunday as part of Duluth's National Train Day events.

Milwaukee Road Steam Locomotive #261 rolled into Duluth Saturday from the Twin Cities. It was the train's first trip in four years. The #261 shared a space with the North Shore Scenic Railroad's #2719, another working steam engine.

Ken Buehler, executive director of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, said there is no other place in the country where you can find two steam engines like this together.

"These are your million-dollar train cars," Buehler said. "Luxury, pampering, great service. This is like the golden age of railroading back from the 1930s all over again. And these cars are truly unique, and they've been assembled from all over the country."

After the #261 went back to the Twin Cities Sunday, the Scenic Railroad hosted a Mother's Day brunch aboard Duluth's own #2719.