Get Ready for The Hangover Part III with a GrrlzChannel Rundown of Full-Frontal Male Nudity in Comedy

Updated at: 05/21/2013 12:04 PM
By: Reelz Channel

The Hangover and The Hangover Part II both pushed the boundaries of raunchy comedy, and they are officially the two highest-grossing R-rated comedies of all time. With the third and final installment being released in theaters this week, we're anticipating another box office smash full of strippers, unintentional drug use, and full-frontal nudity. Since this will likely by a historic week in terms of male nudity at the movies, it seemed like the perfect time to analyze and rate the comedies that make the best use of actors' bits and pieces on the big screen. So we bring you: GrrlzChannel 3: Full-Frontal Funny.

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