March Against Monsanto

Posted at: 05/25/2013 10:48 PM

Organic food advocates gathered in Downtown Duluth Saturday as part of an international March Against Monsanto.

These marches took place in hundreds of cities around the world, protesting Monsanto, a giant seed-producing company based in St. Louis. Protestors want to call attention to the dangers of genetically modified food and the companies that produce it. They advocate local models of food production instead.

"At one level I think this rally is to express frustration around this poster child of the wrong solution for our global food and hunger and environmental crisis," says Jamie Harvie, executive director of Institute for a Sustainable Future. "And then another is to start creating the types of solutions that are being put into place in communities across the nation, across the globe."

Monsanto responded to the protests Saturday, saying that it respects protestors' rights to express their opinions. Monsanto maintains, though, that its seeds improve agriculture by helping farmers produce more while conserving resources.