ALS Tournament Recap

Posted at: 06/05/2013 10:57 PM
By: Laura Kennedy

The 18th annual ALS Walleye Tournament raised more than 142-thousand dollars and anglers had a little fun along the way too.

The fishing is secondary to the fundraising at the annual ALS Walleye Tournament on Island Lake. But, even tournament hosts Kent Hrbek and Darby Hendrickson were looking to win out on the water.

"Everybody is competitive, I don't care who it is," says Hrbek.

"You gotta have bragging rights from year to year. You've seen some the people who have won and done well and obviously everybody is going to razz each other a little bit," says Hendrickson.

Jon Campbell of Duluth landed the biggest walleye. this whopper weighed more than six pounds.

"Just about to leave, thought we'd troll one more flat section. Hooked on, first wasn't sure if I got into a northern the way it was running. Got lucky, got it into the boat. Couldn't believe it, celebrated a little bit and went on to catch some more," says Campbell.

At the end of the day, Steve Littler and Ron Carl Jr. had the best catch, winning the tournament with 10.57 pounds of walleye.

"Just minnow and worm rigs. Kind of different this year. Normally I go crawlers but seemed to be minnows this year," says Littler.

"As soon as he (Littler) got that bigger one, we kind of had a good feeling," said Carl.

2008 Winner Saint Laurent of Hermantown wasn't so lucky. But for him, the day is about making memories with his fishing partner.

"Anytime I can get out on the water with my father, he taught me everything I know so that's priceless," says Laurent.

Raising money to help fight ALS is an added bonus.

"My grandma had MS, which you know is another debilitating disease. So, anything to cure those diseases and help any way we can, I'm totally down with," says Laurent.