Esko High School Athletes Celebrate Flood Anniversary

Posted at: 06/20/2013 10:49 PM
Updated at: 06/21/2013 12:07 AM

A year after the flood, student athletes at Esko High School have reason to celebrate.

The groundbreaking was Thursday for Esko's new sports facilities. It has been a year since the Midway River overflowed its banks, washing away the high school baseball field and flooding the hockey warming house and football field. Student athletes say they've been practicing on dirt roads and fields since then.

"We'll run on dirt roads or the pavement, and we usually have to practice on the grass up here for soccer because the field is always so wet or it's really dry," said Erika Shady, a senior athlete in track, cross country, soccer and basketball player.

Fellow senior Marc Peterson plays football, basketball and golf at Esko.

"I'm excited because we're going to be one of the few schools that have turf in the Northland," Peterson said.

Construction begins this week on the new $2.7 million sports complex. The project will include football and soccer fields, an all-weather track, a hockey warming house and more.