Duluth Zoo Wolf Euthanized After Exploratory Surgery

Posted at: 06/21/2013 3:51 PM
Updated at: 06/21/2013 10:15 PM

Photo: Lake Superior Zoo

The Lake Superior Zoo has announced that one of its wolves has died. The wolf, named Cohen, was euthanized after emergency exploratory surgery on Tuesday, according to a news release.

Cohen's keeper observed the wolf becoming increasingly lethargic over the course of several days, the zoo said. The wolf was brought to the zoo's Animal Care Center for evaluation, where it was decided the surgery would be the best course of action.

Dr. Louise Beyea, the zoo's veterinarian found that Cohen had a serious and deadly infection in his abdominal cavity that was the result of a ruptured abscess, the release said. It goes on to say that removing the abscess would result in the loss of blood to 75 percent of the small intestine and 30 percent of the large intestine.

Maicie Sykes, the zoo's Lead Keeper worked with Cohen and said "Cohen was a wonderful animal when it came to interacting with public. He loved to chase children up and down the fence line. His absence is very noticeable."

Cohen was on loan with his brothers, Capone and Dillinger, from the Wildlife Science Center in Columbus, Minnesota.