Heavy Rains Flood Hoyt Lakes

Posted at: 06/21/2013 5:08 PM
Updated at: 06/21/2013 6:16 PM

Heavy rains caused flooding in Hoyt Lakes Friday morning. Several streets were closed to traffic and dozens of residents woke up to soggy basements.

The flood waters receded by Friday afternoon, but residents were still busy tearing carpet out of wet basements.

Police Chief Steve Stoks said six inches of rain fell in 12 hours, and that backed up storm sewers leaving residents like him soaking wet.

“I had two feed in my house. Two feet in the basement along with the rest of them. Some had anywhere from a half inch trace to a couple feet of water,” Stoks said.

Stoks said that also flooded several streets making them impassable for traffic.

“According to the officer on duty last night there was one red car floating down Arlington Road, which is the next street over. The water was basically up to the middle of the door or higher and he watched it float down the road,” Stoks said.

Stoks estimates that a quarter of town was flooded and Public Works Director Floyd Nelson wanted to know exactly where it happened.

“We've asked that everybody that has water damage, any kind of backup, to call city hall and give their name and address and a brief description of what they have in their house. We've had a couple dozen so far call in,” Nelson said.

Nelson said that will let them know where to focus future sewer improvements. Stoks said flooding has happened on those blocks before, and it's starting to wear on residents.

“It's hard. You clean it all out and start remodeling and get your basement remodeled again and the same things happen again. It gets frustrating,” Stoks said.

However he said residents will get things cleaned up just like they've done before.

“We'll move forward and life goes on,” Stoks said.

Residents with water damage can call the Hoyt Lakes City Hall at 218-225-2344.

Hoyt Lakes was not the only community hit by the storm on Friday morning. Some Aurora residents also had flooded basements. The National Weather Service reported that four inches of water fell there.