Updated: Search for Reported Boat Crash in McQuade Harbor

Posted at: 06/23/2013 8:20 PM
Updated at: 06/23/2013 10:28 PM

Rescue teams searched McQuade Harbor Sunday evening for a possible boat crash.

The Coast Guard received a call about a boat crash at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

According to the Coast Guard, the caller saw a boat flying by in McQuade Harbor, on Congdon Boulevard in Duluth. The caller reported hearing a loud bang that sounded like a crash after the boat went by.

Rescue teams, aided by the St. Louis and Lake County Sheriff's Departments, responded to McQuade Harbor. They searched a nearby weather buoy first, but found no debris.

As of 9:20 p.m., nothing had been found. The Coast Guard said they planned to continue searching.