Postcard Sent in 1945, Delivered in 2013

Posted at: 06/28/2013 9:32 PM
Updated at: 06/28/2013 10:36 PM
By: Zach Hammer

A mysterious piece of mail recently delivered to a Duluth home, has one couple looking for answers.
A postcard, dating back to 1945, arrived in the mail at the home of Tyler Scouton and Kelly Mullan on Tuesday. At first, Scouton says he thought it was some kind of advertisement or promotion.
"We put it on the Internet thinking, 'maybe someone else got one if it is some kind of promotional thing,'" Scouton said. "Everyone on the internet started hopping on it, picking it apart, finding out what different little facts and details about addresses and names, and we knew we had something then."
The postcard is addressed to a "Ms. T. Gorkoski." On Scouton's deed to their home, he found that Thomas and Sophia Gorkowski were the last people to live there. 
The sender is a former navyman, Leonard Alexander Nesgoda, who apparently was training on the U.S.S. Cuttlefish  a ship that saw action in WWII. 
The postcard reads: "Hi Folks,
So far I've survived 2 weeks of this boat training. Boy scout camping was more rigorous than this.  The Navy may be alright but not for civilians. This confinement is bad.
Scouton is now working on finding family members of both Nesgoda and Gorkoski to return the letter to. The Gorkoski's have at least one living daughter. The Nesgoda's have two living sons and a daughter. 
To track the investigation, or if you have any information about the postcard, go to the website they've set up: Postcard from Yesterday.