Free Marriage Ceremony on August 1st

Posted at: 07/03/2013 2:49 PM
Updated at: 07/03/2013 6:16 PM

John Goldfine has been marrying people for years. And he told us he said he'd marry anyone who had a valid license.

He's offered to officiate a free ceremony on August 1st. That's the first day that same-sex couples can legally get married in Minnesota.

"We are celebrating the new law finally accepting all loving couples," he explained.

The ceremony will take place at Tycoons, in one of the upstairs rooms.

"We will do a group ceremony and individual ceremonies. We want it to be affordable for everyone, so it's free. And we are looking for volunteers for photographers and musicians," he added.

There are a few rules. You have to RSVP ahead of time. Here's the email: goldfine.john@gmail.com

Also, you do have to apply for a marriage license by July 26th, because there's a cooling off period before you can actually get married.

July 26th is the first day same-sex marriage couples can apply for licenses in St. Louis County.

Goldfine said he'll marry anyone that day, gay or straight. "We're going to start a few minutes before midnight, so at the stroke of midnight, we can declare them legally married."