In Wake of Fatal Crashes, Local Biker Reflects on Motorcycle Safety

Posted at: 07/07/2013 8:35 PM
Updated at: 07/07/2013 10:37 PM

With two fatal motorcycle crashes in the area on July 4, and the weather perfect for a ride, bike safety is on a lot of people's minds.

Allan Kelly is a local bike rider who's been riding for years. He said he takes his Harley out about three times a week, but as a parent, he approaches it with care.

"Being a single dad, of course, I want to make sure that I'm as safe as possible," Kelly said. "So I approach it with the aspect of, 'If I do this, is it going to jeopardize me being a dad to my sons?' And that's kind of my goal when going into it."

Kelly said the biking community in Duluth is tight-knit, and when someone crashes it affects even the people that don't know them.

"When something bad happens, an injury or even worse a death, happens to someone in the motorcycle community, it hits everybody," he said.

Kelly said he hopes to never stop riding, but he always has safety, and his kids, on his mind.